We’re all still taking photos of Daffodils, Butter cups, and Jonquils! This spring has been beautiful and this past weekend was wonderful. I decided to enjoy Saturday and not worry about anything. We visited a city garden in Clarkesville and while it was nothing like being at Gibbs Gardens, it had some beautiful flowers.

There was even a small pond with Carp—something Gibbs did not have in their ponds yet. I guess these guys survived our harsh winter.

Most of the flowers were from my grandmother’s day. That is what this little city garden is all about antique flowers. These guys were tiny but so sweet.

There was lots of purple. It’s tempting not to touch.

Lacy Jonquils that are so small but so bold in color.

And of course, there was plenty of my sweet Yellow Bells! I love this bush.

Paper Whites!! Yikes or for me: death in a bulb. I’m extremely, extremely allergic to these.

I think Anne and HB (Holly Berry) loved being along with all the other things we did.

Pat with Chip, who is begging to get in the lake a Unicoi State Park. It was just a good day to be with friends.