Max, with the Nine Line Video team, was shooting b-roll video of the basketball court at Perimeter Church (part of the youth area CDH designed) last Monday, and I shot this photo of him. He’s a cool young guy, who’s not afraid to wear red running shoes. His family is from the Ukraine, and we talked about what would happen if the  country split, which is exactly what took place this week. When he had finished, he rushed to get on the court himself.

That’s when I jumped into action and decided to put my Nikon DSLR on his slider and used it like he does. I have to laugh when I see this video because it is my first attempt of something crazy outside of doing safe videos at work. I know it is silly and a very small thing but it makes me smile. We all need to smile and the Nine Line team along with the Whiteboard group always find ways to make me laugh at myself.