A couple of weeks ago, we stopped by the cottege at Toccoa Falls. I’m grateful to Linda and her husband Tom for their hospitality. While we were there we stood on the back deck talking and watched the birds going in and out of the bird feeder.  This little guy was not really afraid of me—just cautious. He bounced down the feeder and . . .

popped straight inside of it where he joined others to munch away on birdseed.

Here’s the top of Toccoa Falls located in northeast Georgia. Anne Shurley had never seen it from this angle and we promised she would not be disappointed. It is beautiful not matter where you are standing.

Pat walking another portion of the Unicoi Turnpike with Holly Berry (HB) and Chip. Holly stayed out of the stream; but of course, Chip didn’t! (smile)

One of my favorite things: rocks. I’m pretty easy to please. These were arranged perfectly in the setting sun near a stream at Toccoa Falls.