The house in Atlanta is still being decorated, but we’re getting closer to having it done. The tree from northeast Georgia is wonderful! For $25, I would buy a second one in a minute. I realize there needs to be a fire in the fireplace to make this a “more” perfect photo. But the temperatures have been in the low 70’s this week, and no one is burning firewood. Maybe, next week.

These next photos bring back a lot of memories. Years ago while I was working at In Touch, we put together a Christmas catalog in marketing and used these ornaments for our photo shoots. I’m hoping that my friend, dear Annie, will remember that day and all the fun we had!

Here’s one of my favorite ornaments. I’ve protected it—along with a several others—through several moves and many tree decorations! Come to think about it, Ernest, the manager I’m working with now at CDH may have been a part of this “catalog” project. He was with me at ITM. Those were the years that we created so much marketing material and almost everything we touched ended up being successful. The American economy was strong and it was before 9/11.