I’ve had windows in every home that I have lived in! I love light! It’s nothing new for me to have large windows, but this home has a lot more than normal and most are at dog level. Recently, I have been editing a book for a client and concentration is key. Can I tell you that reading and barking just do not mix.

Chip never uses his “inside voice,” and Cocoa answers each one of his barks with countless “woofs.” They are an off-key dog duet. No command will stop them. Even threatening Cocoa with a call to Sandy, her trainer, only works momentarily.

Finally, I gave up and barricaded the windows around the door. As I walked away, I thought, That takes care of that. Chipley was so insulted that I heard him snort, and then he ran up the stairs where he could look out through the arched window wall and continue barking. Actually, I thought that was a pretty smart thing to do and pretty funny, too. Anyway, no purchasing a home with windows on the side of the front door!