On Saturday we celebrated Donna Good’s birthday by paddling part of Lake Yonah. It is one of our favorite lakes in the chain of seed lakes located in northeast Georgia. It is just an over-the-top beautiful area.

I have no idea why I like to photograph people from behind who are in kayaks. I just do! I was so glad Anne joined us. What a perfect day we had on the water! The scenery is wild and unspoiled. Is there any wonder why people line up to live on this lake?

Speaking of lining up. Getting out of the boats and on to “jumping” rock is always tricky. I was already out of my kayak and taking photos. I did miss the guys being there a little because they are always so gracious to hold the boats and to help us out. But we did good on our own. Make note of the fact that Sharon Morden is the only person smiling in this photo!

Then we ate cupcakes to celebrate Donna and her friendship. And Sharon is still smiling. This time because there was chocolate involved!

The ultimate swim. It just doesn’t get any better than this. For a few hours, I thought of nothing other than being in the Toccoa area with friends.

I always end up taking a photo like this of Donna—on every lake and on every river!


For some reason, people always take photos of this piece of concrete. Who knows why. Wonder if there even is a Tugalo Boat Club? We launched our kayaks from this boat landing—a place that I’m sure I’ll visit again before summer’s end.