I basically think I lied to a friend recently. There’s no other way to put it. I said I had three different email addresses then I remembered there’s a fourth one if I count the one I don’t use from a place I won’t mention located in northeast Georgia. So that’s four but is there more? Today, I made another discovery—a fifth account. In all fairness, this last year has been more like a chapter from a Jack London novel than anything else!

Up until recently, I have turned down or not engaged in any extra work. Today while sitting in my thrown-together office in a rented home in Atlanta, I stopped to study my surroundings for the first time in months. Bits and pieces of my past life are here—most in strange locations. My eyes landed on two discarded laptop computers that had reached the end of their technological life.

A smile washed over my face as I recalled how they had been my “bread and butter” through at least ten books—some for Jason and some for Thomas Nelson. Then an odd thought went through my mind: “Surely, that old bellsouth email account is not active, right?” Wrong! I powered it up “Raphael,” (all my computers have names), clicked on Entourage, and Woooha! Hundreds of emails started flooding in. “No, no, no, no — don’t do that!” I shouted, but it was too late. The scrolling had started and there was no stopping it.

So, the good news is this: I now have all the email addresses of all the people I have worked with or known over the past seven years. The bad news: I’ll need time to go through each email and respond to at least half.