Sometimes you can’t get things out of your head and yesterday was one of those days. While I had a list of things to do in the morning, the afternoon belonged to nothing more than sheer relaxation. First there was a walk by wild flowers that someone else has had success in getting them to grow. I really don’t think I inherited my mother’s green thumb. So my admiration is usually for those who do and can.

Then I stumbled upon these guys who were getting ready for a Bluegrass Concert that evening. They asked us to stay and Cocoa pleaded, “Let’s do it!” This is after she had greeted all the children in the parking lot and wagged her way up on the stage with the rangers at Red Top Mountain. The guys did tell me that I had captured their best side!

The music was so much fun that I found myself  walking down to the nearby boat dock and sitting down and listening.  We had our own concert though I don’t think Cocoa was too impressed with being away from the main source of action.

Her usual—I won’t look at the camera stance. And then . . .

I did get her to  pose for the camera. What a great dog!

Then we found this little cove where the ranger said we could put the kayaks in and drift away and away and away. Mmmm might be a good plan.