Most of the time I only want to post things that are fairly clear and sharp. But for some reason, I can’t get this little photo out of my head. A few weeks ago, I was in my backyard, with the camera (can’t remember why) when I heard a rush of noise. The dogs were going nuts in the house barking at something that I could not see.

I live in a home that has over 40 windows—several are huge and offer plenty of views to the outside, which means the dogs never stop seeing things to “talk” about. When I heard them barking, I knew something was heading my way.  I  turned around just in time to see a momma duck and her brew heading somewhere fast—anywhere away from me. There are small lakes nearby, and the only thing that I can imagine is that she followed the stream into my subdivision and then found her way into my backyard. The neighbor next door was out grilling dinner, and together we watched “Mom” gather her ducklings under a long needle pine tree and stop. Exhaustion had set in, and I didn’t know what to do except head back inside and let nature and God handle it from that point on. The neighbors around me had already tried to rescue a baby bird and a baby squirrel earlier that week. This was just a little more than they wanted to tackle.

The next morning Mom and ducklings were gone–to the nearby bog–happily home!