This photo is not really for Rebecca. It is of a pretty little trout stream that feeds into the Tugaloo River, which flows into Lake Hartwell. The second photo is for her.

Years ago, she told me she had always wanted a Mimosa Tree, which is also known as a Persian Silk Tree. It is strange to think that her property with a stream running through it doesn’t have one of these trees, but she says no. Her birthday is coming up before too long, and I’m on the hunt again!

There will be more dog photos later today or tomorrow. Both were with me late yesterday when I took this photo, but they did nothing cute (trust me on this one) to warrant having their photos taken. In fact, Cocoa was barking so loudly that her voice was echoing out along the river, and I was afraid she was going to “call down” all the wild mountain dogs on us!