I love being with my Mom and Dad. Recently I have been taking them places they once visited on their own. Soon they will be moving into a senior living facility. Dad can’t see as well these days so he is not driving as much. While it is sad to see them grow older, it also provides a wonderful opportunity for me to be with them. I know I will greatly cherish these times in years to come. We found this little place to eat in downtown Pine Mountain a couple of weeks ago. It happened to have a soda foundation.

Listening to Dad talk is always interesting, especially when he is talking about his youth. It seems he remembers a lot. He told me how he would make ice cream floats—a big glob of ice cream and little shot of this and a little shot of that. He said, “You know I was just a little soda jerk!” Then he smiled. Memories like this are what I will carry with me the rest of my life.