Last weekend, we were walking along a trail that led to the base of a small falls near Lake Rabun. It is called Angel Falls, but it’s not the one we visited last year. In the beginning, I wondered if we had found a different way to that set of falls, but once came up on the one in the above photo, I realized this was not the case. It was about this time that Chipley decided he wanted to g0 for a swim. You know the routine with that.

He is so in love with water that everyone within shouting distance immediately goes into an emergency mode because the dog will do anything to get wet. As I passed my friend I said, “Better make him wait until we are near the falls. He can get in the pool there.” But it was too late. Before we could stop him, Chip had taken off down the bank and was heading for the stream pulling my friend behind him.

Chip is the “Home Alone Movie” kid —the one that gets into trouble and has everyone yelling (all at once) CHIPLEY!

I turned around quickly and so did Cocoa Joy. All the time my camera was going off because I guess in the panic, my finger was stuck on the shutter release. Several photos were taken as I rushed back to help.

Cocoa obediently turned around, but I could hear her moan, “Not again.” By the time we got him out of the water, Chip was covered with mud and green goo. Needless to say, we all headed back to the car and then to home. No one said a word until we were well on our way down Bear Ridge Road that is when we all turned to Chip and asked, “What in the world were you thinking?”