We found a small stream on our walk yesterday. It was one of the few that crosses the Unicoi Turnpike. Because it was hot and the dogs wanted to do one thing: get in the water. We let them go and they had a blast. I asked Cocoa if she was happy and this is the look I got as an answer to that question.

Chip always wants to lay down and get wet all over. Notice that we keep both dogs on leads. My last dog was trained to be “off lead” or at least on a drop lead, but I have never worked with Cocoa on this. It is probably something I need to talk with my trainers at Dog School 101 about.

Really she is such a good dog and while she loves to explore, she also wants to be at my side. (This is my friend Pat who has her but notice she is looking to see what I’m doing.) I’m really not sure if “off lead walks” are an issue with Cocoa. The trails we hike these days are located in forest on private property. Because I  don’t know what kind of “critters” are lurking in the woods, I like to keep her close.