Grace-Calvary Church is the oldest church building in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. I think I have written that before, but I don’t know if I wrote the following about the structure: “It was built by Jarvis Van Buren a relative of U. S. President Van Buren and consecrated on October 10, 1842. It’s a beautiful example of Greek Revival architecture. The building’s historic features include over 42 multi-paned windows that still retain most of the original hand blown glass, straight-backed box pews and a ‘double-decked’ pulpit. The pipe organ is the oldest working church instrument in Georgia.”

It’s one of my favorite destinations for photography. Earlier today it was bathed in warm evening sunlight.

I can’t remember where this church is located—somewhere on Highway 52 on the way back to northeast Georgia from Dahlonega. I loved the evening setting sunlight. Or maybe it was Hwy 115 out of Cleveland. (smile)