I had someone last week ask me if I had read Zane Grey and I said, “No. Not yet.” I remembered that Jan Karen had read Zane Grey’s novels and often had her lead character Father Tim engrossed in a Zane Grey novel but had never picked one up. I love old books so yesterday when I saw an abandoned collection of his first editions, I could hardly resist. But I still didn’t know if these books would be good additions to Chip’s Jack London collection. Would the dogs like them? Would they enjoy hearing stories written in the early 1900’s about cowboys, horses, and the wild west?

I decided to purchase only one of the many available. The one I bought was titled Wildfire and after reading the opening paragraph, I was hooked and knew this new story would definitely stir the imaginations of both Chip and Cocoa Joy. Here’s just a few lines, “For some reason the desert scene before Lucy Bostil awoke varying emotions—a sweet gratitude for the fullness of her life there at the Ford, yet a haunting remorse that she could not be wholly content—a vague loneliness of soul—a thrill and a fear for the strangely calling future, glorious, unknown. She longed for something to happen. It might be terrible, so long as it was wonderful.

“This day, when Lucy had stolen away on a forbidden horse, she was eighteen years old. . . .” Oh, yea, they are going to like this book!