I hate losing things just as badly as I hate leaving things behind and having to move on without them. Once I was with a friend, who lost an SD card for her camera. Because we had to drive back to Atlanta, she had to move on without it. That had to be really hard. Photos can’t “simply” be retaken. It didn’t seem fair. I always wonder what happens to the lost things. Are they ever found and returned to their owners or just tossed in the the garbage? This past weekend while visiting Amicacola Falls, I noticed that people had found several lost things and had grouped them together, I guess, so they could be easily found. I can’t say that if I was the owner of the hat in the above photo, I would miss it. But I bet the mate to the glove feels really lonely.

Here’s a photo (snap shot) of Amicacola Falls. It’s very hard to photograph because of the winter light. Still, it is a really beautiful place with a wonderful lodge at the top of the falls.