Last weekend, I had an opportunity to do some window shopping in Highlands. One store that has been a favorite for years is Wit’s End (1940). Years ago, it was the place that stirred my imagination with its huge stock of balsam fir decorative pillows. I always watched in amazement as the ladies, who worked there, wrapped purchases in colored tissue and ribbons. It was quite a warm and inviting experience. The shop is still there but the balsam pillows are a thing of the past. I’m a little sad about that.

To go with this relaxing carefree mood, I realized the other day Hank Williams wrote a song umpteen years ago called Window Shoppin’. Here are a few of the words that most of us can identify with . . . . even though I think he was singing about love. Isn’t that what most country singers do?

You’re Window Shoppin’ . . . Just Window Shoppin’ . . . You’re only lookin’ a-round . . . You’re not buyin’ . . . You’re just tryin’ to find the best deal in town.