Ricky, who is a student at TFC and also one of our security guards, dropped by this morning asking about my trip last week. Since he is from Quito, Ecuador, he was especially interested in hearing about where I ate while I was in Sarasota for a day. I told him that I had pictures of one particular meal. And he asked, “Can I see them?” “Sure,” no problem” I replied. (Notice I have mastered the standard reply spoken by most college-age students).

I had a wonderful dinner at The Columbia Restaurant located along St. Armand’s Circle. It is a tradition now. Every time I head to southwest Florida, I have to stop at The Columbia, and I’m never disappointed. This time I was in casual clothes and just didn’t care. My only interest was in the food and boy, was it good.

For the next 15 minutes we talked about food from South America and Cuba. I know little about either, but do know what I truly love to eat and some of it is pictured above: fresh grilled Mahi Mahi, yellow rice, yuca, platanos and mojo. This came after an absolutely legendary house salad The Columbia is known for. It is prepared at your table and served with house dressing—a 100 year old family recipe—that is just plain delicious. All I know is that after Ricky and I finished talking and looking at these photos, we both were suddenly hungry.

And then there was desert . . . also prepared at my table. I was absolutely good for nothing the rest of the evening even though all of Saint Armand’s Circle surrounded me.