This has been one of those trip where there seems to be animals everywhere—up close and personal animals. This Macaw kept trying to draw me in closer, but I knew better than to get too close. These birds have a bad repetition; they bite!

And the Flamingos are just drop-dead gorgeous, but they won’t hold still. I thought for sure taking their picture would be a snap. That was not the case. They are busy, busy birds. Like some people I know.

This is a young giraffe and he is a little silly guy, too, as proven in the photo below.

Doesn’t he look like someone you know. I don’t know who—but someone.

Mom had more sense. She would not come out into the hot sun! But she was quite willing to stand at the doorway and let me take her photo. “Hi, Mom!”

I realized when I took this photo that I really don’t have to go to Yosemite National Park to photo a Grizzly! I only need to hang out in the right places.

Finally, Mr. Tortoise seemed the saddest sort of fellow. But there was something so sweet and gentle about him. I know better than to let my guard down around wild animals. So, I stopped short of giving this guy a great big hug.

Ok, I promise to stop posting photos of alligators. This little guy spotted me from across the pond! Wonder what he was thinking?! Probably something very southern like “Gator bait!”