Today Cocoa, and Chip, and I finished reading The Call of The Wild by Jack London. They loved it, and I’m still trying to decide why I put myself through it. Now, they want to read White Fang. I thought you would enjoy reading one of their favorite sections from The Call. Imagine them listening, wide-eyed, as they think about Buck (London’s lead character which is 100 percent all dog) and his adventures: “Buck was afraid that Thornton would pass out of his life as Perrault and Francosis and the Scotch half-breed had passed out. Even in the night in his dreams, he was haunted by this fear. At such times, he would shake off sleep and creep through the chill to the flap of the tent, where he would stand and listen to the sound of his master’s breathing . . . . Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof, were his; yet Buck retained his wildness and wiliness. He was a thing of the wild, come in from the wild to sit by John Thornton’s fire, rather than a dog of the soft Southland stamped with the marks of generations of civilization.”

After reading these words for the second and third time, I guess Cocoa is right, these words truly are words of deep feeling and meaning.