I wondered what the Queen of England would say if one of her Corgies stole her glove. But then, I also remembered I had read recently that Royal watcher and author Phil Dampier said the queen is totally devoted to her dogs. So I thought, Why waste the dine by calling her to ask?

Dampier says, “The queen feeds them from the table with tidbits and even mixes up some cooked meats, biscuits and gravy every tea-time, which she puts in silver bowls.” This means that her seven dogs are pretty much spoiled. And since I also know that she never wears the same pair of gloves twice (the used ones go to charity), I can also imagine she would smile and say something like, “What a little Chipper you are!”

Cocoa didn’t think he was too funny though. She actually tried to save my glove from being gummed to the point of saturation.

A last, he was on his own.

Get a load of those eyes! Determine, dependable, and dedicated. Sounds like a news’ channel slogan.

In the end—submissive, especially when I told him that I was going to tell Sandy (DS101), who is convinced the phase Chipley is in right now is a phase of “guarding” his possessions. Everything seems to belong to him. I think it is more like “snatch and grab” act, if you ask me.