The weather cooperated and we stayed dry. It was also pretty warm so we could stroll through the rows of dealers at Scott’s Antique Market. One fellow came up to me and wanted to know if I had been there since early that morning. When I answered no, he went on to tell me that a group of photographers from Martha Stewart’s Living magazine had been there earlier taking photos. Guess we can look for photos of Scott’s to end up in one of her upcoming magazines. “No,” I answered him. “I’m just taking photos for my blog.”

The above photograph is of an old sign that we no longer see any more thanks to cell phones, pages, and computers. But isn’t it easy to think back about five years when you would see them in office buildings or outside along busy streets?

Have you ever thought about where all your “marbles” go when you lose them? You got it: an antique market!


And all the “key” and vital information that you thought you had stored in a safe place; guess what? It’s at the same place. Prices marked do not reflect the final offer from the dealer either.

One lady begged me to take this Victorian doll home for $150. She had been asking $350. The baby carriage was marked down half price. She wanted $699 for it! Thank goodness that I’m only interested in dog stuff and old English china.