Our Delta Society group includes Cocoa Joy, Benji, Chic, and BoBo, who belongs to one of Cocoa’s trainers at Dog School 101. In the beginning, I never considered it possible for Cocoa to make it this far in her training. “Oh, me of little faith!” She did great today. She is a natural (a little excited but that’s to be expected for a “first-timer.”)

Poor Cocoa Joy: we had to start off with the gentle leader, but then we just took it off and everything was cool. No jumping up on the residents. No giving “out-of-control” kisses. She just cozied up to the folks and let them pet her. I was so proud of her.

A parting shot. Cocoa’s trainer took this photo before we left. She “borrowed” BoBo’s bandana and put it on Cocoa for a perfect photo.