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Evidence of Fall’s Return

Every year, the birds go nuts over the berries on my dogwood trees. This year was no different. Last week with the fall season in full swing and winter on the way, a flock of robins descended on the trees in my front yard. And within a couple of days, they were picked clean! Next [...]

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Cocoa and Friends

I'm still having to watch Cocoa closely. These are her Christmas bears (I know, I know); it is way too early to be thinking about this, but she kept getting into the closet where they are usually stored and pulling them out. I finally gave up and put them on the bed in the guestroom. [...]

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One Look Back

Before we say goodbye to warm weather and mountain laurel, here is a parting shot from summer. This one was taken in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forrest on a hot summer afternoon. Three months from now, we'll all be saying something like, "I can't wait until it is warm again."

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