I was thinking about and praying for a friend this morning who is facing a heart-breaking loss. I don’t think there is much “human” sense that is gained from pain and suffering. But what we do gain is the ability to have a greater faith and trust in the One Person who knows us perfectly and loves us unconditionally

Amy Carmichael wrote, “Settle this in your mind so you will not have to settle it again: There is no promise of ease for any soldier on any field. Search the New Testament; you will not find one such promise. It is made quite clear that things are not going to be made easy. So to be surprised and troubled when they are difficult is foolish, and unreasonable. Why is there so much inward stress, sometimes sharp trial or . . . tribulation? We are not told; but we are told that there will be this sort of thing, and that it is ‘not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.'”