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Waiting for Her Paperwork

Cocoa Joy "sat" for her Delta Society finals today, and she passed! She's officially certified to visit health care facilities where she will bring lots of joy and love to people who are hurting and lonely. Yea! Cocoa. In this photo, she is waiting for Cindy, the Delta Society test administrator to complete the paperwork [...]

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Mary Gets A Quick Touch-Up!

Mary is an awesome Golden Retriever. She took her Delta Society exam today, too, and passed with a thousand flying colors. Here she is gettig a quick touch-up by Sandy, her owner and also one of the owners of Dog School 101, before the Delta Society evaluator arrives.

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Waiting with A Friend

Freckles is a new friend and someone who is just fun to hangout with. I took this photo and then noticed that Cocoa was in her "down and stay" position and not up and running around the classroom. I was amazed! The moment she walks through the door at Dog School 101, she goes into [...]

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