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Oh, Mr. Frog!

Oh my goodness. We had not seen Mr. Frog in three years! We turned the bend, walked up the pathway and suddenly he was there! Right where we left him. And he was sooooo happy to see Cocoa Joy. He immediately started telling her about all he had been doing, and she listened and listened [...]

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The Vermilion Light

Vermilion is a really sweet coastal town. I've photographed its lighthouse in the dead of winter when it was mind-numbing cold. This time the temperatures were at the opposite extreme—the high 90's. I discovered pretty fast that people who live up north usually don't mix well with heat. Air conditioners were running with great fury [...]

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Lunch with Cocoa

When I lived in Atlanta, I never had the opportunity to have lunch with Cocoa. In fact, I never came home during the day. My office was probably 45 minutes away from where I lived. But here, in northeast Georgia, I can be home in five minutes and Cocoa loves it. Everyday, we get to [...]

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