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Sunday at Glenn Falls

We don't have to go far to be in the middle of really cool surroundings. Yes, there are locations much more dramatic. I can find really cool places to spend weekend afternoons in nearby North Carolina but most of the time Toccoa and the surrounding area suits Cocoa Joy and me just fine. TFC alums [...]

I Believe in Christmas!

Even thought these little guys looks worn, they all believe in Christmas! Each year, I have to take a photo of the Old Sautee Store's wreath. This year they placed them over the windows. Baskets of love and simple things that make Christmas much more warm and meaningful. And then there is always the fireplace [...]

Opal’s Gift

I love this camellia (!) and I have been taking photos of it for years. It is located in my former neighbor's backyard. I keep asking her to root a clipping for me because I think it is so special. It's called Pearl Maxwell and and it grows best in places like Atlanta, which has [...]

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