Here’s a perfect Sunday afternoon walk—not a hike—but a visit to the Chenocetah lookout tower. This evening the sunlight (golden hour) was perfect for my little Sony A6000 camera. Lake Russell is seen in the distance of this photo. This is an easy Google to get the directions. Hint: The tower is located on Chenocetah Street in old Cornelia (on the side closest to Toccoa).

The Chenocetah Fire Tower (1,830) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in 1937 for the Chattahoochee National Forest. This  stone tower is 54 feet high with a 14 foot base. It stands on Chenocetah Mountain near Corneila, Ga. It’s wooden cab is covered by a 15 feet high peaked slate roof.  The observation room is accessible on the interior by a metal spiral staircase but is usually locked. It was first dedicated on June 7, 1938, and then again after World War II in memory of three forest workers, who died during the war.

The tower was unused until 1989 when the Georgia Forestry Commission took over staffing during the fire season. This tower was adopted by people living in residential areas near the mountain, who have come together to form the “Chenocetah Conservation Corps. ” This group  provides “watch care” for the tower.

Afternoon shadows on a walking stick!

Then there was my long shadow. Love this time of the day for photography! Notice the tower’s strong stone base.

The very strong metal blue door turned amazing in HD black and white.

The windows were too high to see inside. I’ll have to check back to see what days this tower is open. Usually, preservation groups open their towers once or twice a year to the public.

Just a stunning view with the criss-cross of the vapors from overhead jet airplanes.

Anne and Pat checked out the local walnut trees. All of us have lived in this area for years, and never knew this tower was here! If you have never seen it, I hope it is as much of a treat for you as it was for us. Enjoy!