Let’s step back in time! That’s what I thought as I passed this old passenger car the other day! I had to turn the car around to take a look. I found it over a week ago while out on one of my “rural rambles.” Honestly, the entire area turned out to be a perfect place to explore for a couple of hours. I love history and I love to find things like this, so I couldn’t wait to step inside. I carefully I pushed the door open and slowly went inside—listening for “critter” sounds! There were none!

I hate seeing things like this deteriorate. While it is solid (it is made out of steel), vines and wasps are now claiming it as their home.

I have never seen a passenger car with a stove/heater on board, but it makes perfect sense. The cars would have been cold and drafty in the winter but hot in the summer. I remember reading how the sparks from the train’s boiler would blow out and back into the passenger cars.

This car has ended up in a metal scrap yard near Lavonia! I poked around the area for about a while just looking at the remains of things from another time in history. Think about it: our grandparents would have travel in train cars like this one.

It was hard to decide whether to change the photos to black and white or keep the colors. I choice to keep the photos in full color, and did very little to them in Photoshop.

I did find the emergency brake! Yes, I would have been tempted to pull it! In fact, I did!

This was a graveyard of photographic finds—shadows, lines, and plenty of rusted steel. I don’t photograph thing like this often; but every once in a while, I think about my days of wandering through the halls of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) looking at all the photos the students took of historic buildings in that city. At that time, Savannah was still open to photographers roaming the streets and the back lanes with cameras!