I don’t know how I keep finding these fire towers, but they keep turning up everywhere.

This particular tower is located in Bowersville, Georgia, not far from Lavonia. I was just out “rural riding,” and I saw it right in front of me. This wonderful old tower is not even listed on the historical map of fire towers. And yes, I was going to attempt to climb it but—my mother called.

My cell phone rings. (I always answer because it could be Mom and it was.)

Mom: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Nothing why? What are you doing?” (I ask while looking up through the bushes to the platform where the climb could begin.)

Mom: “I’ve been watching the TV. There’s so much going on in the world. (Pause) You’re not doing anything dangerous, are you?”

Me: “Mom, that’s a crazy question; why would you ask something like that?”

Mom: “I don’t know; you’re not, right?

Me: “No, I’m not. Just out for a short ride” (saying this as I now begin to walk back to my car.)

There was a step ladder leading up to the first platform, so I’m assuming people climb it all the time, but I walked away. . . . You have to love these old fire towers! And you have to respect a 92-year old mother’s intuition!