So, the sun came out and I headed to Clarkesville with the camera! The trees were completely bare. Any leftover leaves from fall and winter had been washed to the grown. The recent rains even picked the fields totally clean. The land was pure and ready for the return of spring, which is coming very fast.

It was the first time in days that we had seen blue sky! So, I took full advantage of it.

Inside the barn, I caught Pat peeking through a fence at the cows on the other side. I love old barn wood. It makes simple photographs look special.

Here’s someone’s memories hung on the barn’s wall!

And these locks that lead to the field where the cows are. Actually, there was a pretty intense labyrinth and with the muddy ground involved, it was truly a circle to the center and back out again! My friend Beth would have thought all the hooks and locks were keenly right!

So, I’m just playing with filters and I worked with this one of a chocolate baby calf. He’s cool in color, too!

Just as I was getting ready to leave, the entire family came to see me; and as usual, one tried to get in my camera bag!! LOL!