Sunset times are the best for being with the cows in Toccoa. There’s a little hidden place where I go to “walk among the cows.” The babies are curious but skittish. The adults will let me walk up to them, and they will even check out my camera. I’m very careful around the bulls. (Guess I should be.) I actually take their photos and then show them the pictures. Yes, I realize they don’t understand any of this, but they seem to love for you to talk with them. It must be very calming.

So, I took this one’s photos and asked, “Do you want to see your picture?” I call her, “Bosco”.

Here’s Cookies and Cream!

DB’s cow . . . maybe. Not sure. I would have to have the owner tell me if this is her grandson’s cow or not. (smile) It’s easy to forget who is who! (LOL)

No name for this one yet. I just love her ears — very soft and fluffy! I’ll have to go back and rephotograph her, but she could become a favorite.

I named this one after the owner’s field; and since that would give the location away, I won’t say a word. I love her coloring. My photography is a work in process and that’s okay. I have plenty of time to grow and get better.

I wonder if I had made an impression on this group. Then as I was leaving I heard some soft shuffling behind me and turned to see them following me! The black cow was in the lead—the very one that would not immediately come up to me. (Smile)