I keep taking people out to the Tugaloo Bend Heritage Park to see the area and how it has changed over these last few years. This is one of my favorite settings. It overlooks the river, and it is either on or near the Eastern Continental Divide. I know because I chose to take this photo with a nearby sign saying just that. It’s attached to the tree in this photo. Something tells me Kelly or Dave posted it!

Friend Beth McDonald, who is a Master Gardner, told me that these are Carolina Silverbells, and she’s right. A week ago, we saw them from our kayaks hanging over the water. On this day, we were hiking the river loop trail.

I believe this is Trillium though it seems upside down. Plus it has been through some really rough weather. Because none of the other Trillium were blooming yet, I decided to photograph and post this one. The plant is a little like me: not perfect!

This is really the area within the 87 acres that I have fallen in love with. I think it’s because of the reflections, the shadows, the highlights, and everything in-between.

It is also a place where beavers can hangout!

Like this place! They must slide down this hole to a place where they are safely “stolen away” — a place where they are in their cozy little cottages!