We went on a small hunt yesterday to find cows in Stephens County. I know this should be an easy task and it is. I know where “my” cows hang out. We just wanted to find some new ones that I had not photographed before and we accomplished that goal!

Anne asked a farmer, who had been cutting his grass if we could take pictures of his cows and in typical Stephens County fashion, he said certainly and told us we could even park in his driveway. As we crossed the small country road we suddenly noticed that cows were headed our way from every angle! They came straight up to the fence and immediately wanted to be petted. Chipley would have flipped. I was stunned because for now, touching cows is off my list of things to do from a medical perspective. (It is still fun to rub their foreheads.)

I really liked this girl because she looked like she had “bed hair.”

Okay, up close and personal. I have more to share but I really want to save them for my Cow Times. This silly girl was nothing more than a huge pet. In a few minutes the farmer checked back on us and asked, “Did they let you pet them?” We said, “Yes!” They also wanted to lick my camera, which totally did not happen.