I wanted to post a photo of me right away because I wanted friends to see that I’m still vertical and enjoying life. I’m not moving too quickly yet and the surgery was major but here’s to three weeks later being out of the house and on a small road trip to Lake Rabun! Usually, we would be paddling this lake on a Saturday like this one but that will be something we do again in time.

Anne and Pat took me on a wonderful ride up to Lake Rabun where we found this really cool old wooden pavilion at the Lakemont Marina. The floors were solid oak and I’m sure it was built not too long after the lake was built in 1915. I still love history!

I’ve never stopped here before. Instead, I have just driven by and thought it was a quaint little area. Yesterday, we stopped because we were looking for a quiet place to sit and talk and watch boats come and go. We have a game that we are currently playing and it is “this is the type of boat I want.” Of course, Anne wants all the vintage wooden Chris Crafts! I want something small that has front seats and room for about 5 people.

It was fun to watch people come to the marina and wonder what they were buying. Most left with ice creams! (We could see the chocolate coatings on a stick.) Many had dogs and lots of children. Some people didn’t know how to drive while others zoomed in, parked, got what they needed and were gone in a flash.

Lake Rabun was the first Georgia Power Lake to be built in a string of six lakes. The sign says that the Tallulah and Tugalo Rivers feed into the lake. It’s 834 acres and one of my favorite paddles—on the backside of the lake.

I can’t eat anything right now from the “Flying Cloud Cafe,” but I will be able to again before too lone. Patience and healing and prayer along with lots of bland food is what the doctor is ordering up for me. But I have enjoyed some treats given to me by people at church and from work!

Finally . . . Lamar, here’s Anne in her loaner car while her main drive is in the shop this week. She told us that this car was tempting and we all said a collective “no.” Anne’s little red car will continue to be a cute ride. This one was just fun for the day. Thank you, Anne, for taking me on a small road trip.