Yesterday, we visited a really wonderful place: Chattooga Belle Farms. It was perfect! The weather was wonderful—a light breeze—and plenty of summer sunshine. We decided to have lunch and then work our way to Highlands, North Carolina, where we visited plant nurseries to buy flowers for our yards.

I’m having to get used to working with this camera and I’ve realized the greens are really green!

The land was gorgeous and we could see the northeast Georgia and North Carolina mountains in the background. This is why I moved back to this part of the state. I now have views that do not contain one single traffic jam! This was my goal for this past year! Now, it is time to set a new goal! I’ll have to think about that one! Maybe something new for the cottage.

The owner asked us what we thought of this area and we said we loved it. Up to this spring, he only had a tent in this area. We had lunch inside of his newly constructed building that had tons of windows, ceiling fans, and lots of cross breezes. Heavenly.

The guy flying this plane had simply flown in to pick up lunch. Once he did, he left by flying off over the orchards! The peaches at Belle Farms will be ready next weekend. So tomorrow, I’m heading to Jaemor Farms on my way to see my Mom.

Anne and I were waiting on Pat and talking about what route to take up to the Highlands.

At the Highlands nursery, we found plenty of absolutely wonderful flowers—like this one that I think went home to Currahee!

A summer rain found us, but we pulled out umbrellas and kept shopping. Pat is picking out plants for her new garden. (Smile)

She already has several rose bushes.

We ended the day (like always) at the place we call The Market but the real name is Mountain Fresh Grocery. Instead of staying and eating dinner like we usually do, we bought a freshly made pizza and brought it home and baked it ourselves. Being there was still fun but we knew we had dogs waiting for us at home!

Because we are all on diets we skipped these, but I can tell you from our winter travels that these donuts are the absolute best. They are made fresh every day. We love the chocolate ones with espresso, of course.