When we paddled out into a sea of glass. These are the back waters of Lake Hartwell. I love this area. While the paddle out was smooth, the paddle back was straight into the wind.

Pat has taken over my little sit on top boat. These little boats can be tossed into an SUV and off we go. In fact, all of us have little small boats that can be transported easily and quickly.

Paddling in the setting sun. Playing in the sun light.

It seems like whenever we are out on the lake and paddle under the railway bridge a train travels over us.

Looking out toward the mountains.

Normally, this area would be under water! It’s hard to believe but it is true. The lake level is down and we actually got out and walked around.

Crazy but there were even little flowers popping up everywhere.

This is the Tugaloo River and normally you would not be able to see its banks because they would be under water.

On the way back, we noticed that swallows had built nests beneath a bridge.

This is such a funny photo. We are cooking out but no one looks very happy about it!