Recently, James (who has helped me with videos in Atlanta) was up in Toccoa to help me produce a video for Paradise Mountain Ministries. The really cool thing is that we were doing this video in promotion of Paradise adding a third house for Third Culture Kids (TCKs).  This photo is of the really sweet pathway/road that leads up to the location of the third house. Soon it will be graded as we prepare to break ground in October 2016.

I love this quiet fireplace in the dining room where the TCKs gather each night for dinner. And then there is the map of the world, which is a forever reminder of where their parents are serving around the world for the Lord.

Oil painting of Paradise that says so much about this dynamic and caring ministry. It is truly of the Lord’s planting.

James and his partner in business Bob are two of the most capable and flexible guys in this business. The TCK in the foreground of this shot is going to a closed country. Meaning that he will be in a country that is not open to the gospel message. We did not show his face during the interview because of this very thing.

A simple dining room that speaks of home and family.

We had thunder clouds gathering but James was still able to get the drone up for a few quick shots. We’re depending on Mark, who lives at Paradise to help fill in the gaps!