For a long time we have had a very “brown” spring. I have never seen this before. I took these photos a few weeks ago and at the time, we kept hiking and saying that it looked as if the winter rains had washed everything down past the dirt!

The land, the mountains, the trees were grey from constant rain. In Georgia, you can be outside most of the winter and while we did not have an extremely cold winter, it was wet. It rained and rained and rained some more.

But finally in March, we began to see spring emerge. You cannot hold back the seasons and each little flower looked pretty determined to make its own appearance.

Even the wild vines with yellow flowers were up for the challenge. We are past the greys of winter now and especially in the Atlanta area, we are surrounded by total green. But last week while at Unicoi, I noticed the trees were still fighting to leaf out.