Cocoa hikes Mount Yonah! What a crazy Cocoa Joy “Bean”!

So Saturday, we headed out to Mount Yonah to hike at least halfway up the mountain. It is a 4.4 moderate to difficult climb to the top. I had Cocoa with me so I knew we could not go the entire way, but we easily made it to the halfway point where we could look out to the valleys below. Yonah Mountain is located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in north Georgia not far from Cleveland and Helen. Be sure to Google the trail head for directions to the parking area.

I wondered how Cocoa would do on this trip, especially since she is 11 (!), and I knew the climb was straight up at some points. She did great! Pulling me up most of the way and wanting to run back down after we got past the rock climbing portion of the trail. This is not an exhausting hike. It is fun with challenges but nothing seriously demanding.

Here she is looking for Pat and Anne. She had gone on way a head of them and was wondering why they were “pulling” up the rear.

Can’t you see the question on her face: “Mommy, where are they?!”

Grateful that spring is in the air. While Yonah is the Cherokee word for bear, we did not see any on this trip. Grateful for that, too!

I thought this was kind of a cool out cropping of rock.

Tents were pitched at the halfway point. We made it to the halfway point and while we were whipped, I think we’ll do fine with the Hike Inn trail this week.

Ha! The view!

The dome was above us but we just didn’t continue on to it. I wanted to see if we could hike 4 solid miles and we did that easily—two up and two down.

Love the little signs of spring. I can’t wait for the ferns to start unrolling on the trails again. Then the landscape will be a sea of brilliant green.

Always sweet: a tiny violet.