At a recent visit to the Holcomb’s farm, Jenny the donkey and I became fast friends. I mean from the moment she first latched onto the hood of my shirt, she just couldn’t get me out of her sight or away from her side. I have never had a donkey follow me around before! Cows, yes, but this is the first donkey that cared. My thoughts were tied up in Jenny until . . .

the Holcomb’s started bringing babies out of the barn! Talk about stealing your heart, these four-day old “kids” stole mine!

Meanwhile, Jenny had found a bowl of food to replace me, but Miss Piggy wasn’t going to share.

While the other barnyard animals played and ate, we took the opportunity to hold the babies! What a cutie this little girl is! After posting photos, I had a friend write me via Facebook wanting to know if I was now going to get goats. My goodness; what would my cows think!

I know for certain that Anne wants a goat.

And Pat was ready to take this soft and  cuddly girl home with her. A few weeks ago, I told my neighbor Gary that I was going to put some type of livestock up on the land behind my house! I think I have found the perfect “livestock.” My neighbors would have a fit!

Oh yea! Maybe not a really good idea!

Cavonna told me that this was the first time these babies had walked out into the field.