Here’s my beautiful Cocoa Joy at Westview Cemetery. This is the place that I have written about before. Because Sunday was so warm and the weather just out of sight beautiful, we decided to visit it again. Plenty of famous Atlanta people are buried here. To be honest, it is on ground where they fought the Civil War. Asa Chandler, who created Coca Cola along with many authors and government officials are buried at Westview. It is a special place because the dogs can roam around almost free and many times with just a “drop” lead on. They love that idea because there are also squirrels running here and there. But it is special for me because it is a place to do some fun photography.

There’s also a story to tell about our visits to Westview. Ever since Cocoa was small, she has been in love with a certain statue at Westview. I have come to call it the “Treat Angel.” I cannot explain what comes over her when she sees this figure. She immediately runs up to her (realize that there are hundreds of angels at Westview) and smiles. I’m serious. The dog looks up and smiles at this angel like she is being reunited with a wonderful friend.

At first, it seemed just plain weird, but now it is funny and something that I have come to expect. Last Sunday as we got closer to the angel, and dropped Cocoa’s lead and said, “Go see your Treat Angel!” Off she went like a shot with Chip pulling up the rear.

She went straight to the Treat Angel and once she was there, she climbed the steps and looked into her face. Actually, the dog I had before Cocoa (Buffy) would do the exact same thing. Chippy does, too, but it is not as pronounced.

In a way, it is a little sad because Cocoa tries to get the angel to acknowledge her. I’ve tried to look up the family thinking they could be dog lovers or something that would give me a clue as to Cocoa’s obsession.

I did learn that they are from Atlanta and their sons served in World War I and World War II. A few years ago, we saw an older woman, who seemed to have a good bit of money, visit the grave site. Her driver helped her get out of the car and unfolded a chair for her to sit beside the grave. I wish I had walked up to her and asked about her family but I didn’t.

Whatever this statue has, it is something Cocoa really loves. There’s no problem getting her to look at the camera with this one. In fact, she seems so happy when she is there. If you love history involving Atlanta, Westview Cemetery is one of the most interesting places to visit. The next place would be Oakland Cemetery where Margaret Mitchell and Morris Rich are buried. I plan to visit it this spring but dogs are not welcome! Yikes!! Westview is a pet friendly place.