What a difference a week makes! Spring is back (finally) and “things” had to be trimmed up at the Toccoa Cottage. I don’t know what happened this winter, but several major bushes took a hit by the repeated cold weather.

It was 82 degrees on Saturday! I couldn’t believe it! Instead of heading out to hike, all of us decided to relax on the patio and cook out. It was fun to watch the neighbors come alive. I could hear Eugene Poser, who lives behind me, messing around with his swimming pool. He has already added outside colored lights and I’m jealous! 🙂

Perfect burgers and grilled pineapple! We put Abby J’s Cowboy Candy on them. Wow! They were good!

And I didn’t do too badly building a fire in the outside fireplace. Looks like I need to straighten the little stone wall surrounding it. I’m still using the wood Evan collected and brought by last fall. Grateful for his “gathering.”

Thrift is in full bloom and it always makes me smile . . .

and smile even more.