Last year I told myself “never again” when it came to the Dogwood Festival. The folks who go to these things in the city can be just plain weird. But the weekend was so beautiful all I wanted to do was be outside and yes, go into the city.

The dogwoods were the prettiest I have seen in years. And they were huge. None were burned by the last cold snap.

Pat announced that she was going to take a photo, post it to Facebook, and then she was “done.” That is what she did, and she was totally happy with herself.

Notice how I avoided taking photos of the crowd. Because the temps were in the low ’80s, there were thousands of people in “the park” (Piedmont Park). We battled our way up hill for awhile. Then Anne finally told me that she didn’t “do crowds well.” Ha! Two hours into the venture, and I learn something new.

She looks like she is doing okay here.

But maybe deep inside, she really wanted to jump on a bike and ride away!