I love collecting rocks and have stones from all across the country. In these photos, someone was very busy collected several piles of rocks. I looked up “stacking stones,” and it seems that this “art” is rooted in spiritualism. Rats, I thought. I always had a weird feeling about these structures but couldn’t put my finger on the reason why. Now, I know.

Sometimes, people stack stones to mark a trail—that happens a lot on the Appalachian Trail. God commanded the Israelites to stack rocks taken from the center of the Red Sea as a memorial to generations to come concerning His faithfulness. So not all rock stacking is bad spiritually.

When I was on Peelee Island last summer, this was the scene overlooking Lake Erie. I thought it made for a cool sunset setting, and it did. I’m sure that someone began to make a little stack and others followed. Before the locals knew it, stacks of rocks had taken over part of the coastline. And so it goes.