This looks like it is icy cold, but it really wasn’t. We drove up to Whitewater Falls in North Carolina on Saturday to hike just a little and to take a few photos of a set of falls that I knew would still have some snow on them. It was a pretty easy walk down to the falls, though people coming up the steps were struggling physically. The uphill climb in North Carolina is always the toughest! Still, the waterfalls are beautiful!

It was a super easy walk for the dogs and for Pat who was gracious enough to hold on to Cocoa while I took photos. Poor Chip; he had to wear his Gentle Leader so he would not pull everyone down the stairs. He hates it! Cocoa on the other hand continues to be very proud of the fact that she does not have to wear one—most of the time. (smile)

I also enjoy going to Issaqueena Falls because it is just a sweet area and so easy to access. We were in a hurry on this day because the gates closed at 5 pm. Yikes! And it was 5 pm when we arrived. These falls along with the Stumphouse Tunnel is located on SC Highway 28. We’ll go back to see the tunnel again on a sunny day.

Anne Shurley found the pathway to the top of the falls where many years ago a fair Indian maiden jumped to her death because she was not allowed to marry the Indian Brave of her dreams! Funny how almost every waterfall in the area has a version of this same story. Anne went to the edge but quickly returned. All I can say is lots of lives have been lost in the name of love. I think she matches the landscape perfectly!