I love this scene in the winter! Three years ago, I remember saying to a friend, “Normally, I would be thinking about having to head back to Atlanta, but I don’t have to do that anymore. I live here now.” That was then and today is now. Truth is; I do have to head back to Atlanta on weekends. Sundays are usually spent at church and then packing to leave for the city, but not this one—not before we headed north up Highway 441 with cups of hot cafe mocha in our hands.

The mist in the mountains has always been inviting to me. I don’t care if it is a little rainy. I love it. Pull the camera out and just shoot! We didn’t have to go far to find the right scenery for some very moody photography. In fact we drove just a few miles to the lake, river and power plant near Tallulah Gorge. These old power plants are still in full use and are located on the “seed” lakes that were built by Georgia Power. They create a little scary atmosphere but only because they are so powerful and demanding.

This scene is one I shoot every winter and every time I do, it frightens me mainly because I know the depth of this lake, which really does not have a shallow part. The pylons in the photo are all that is left of the Tallulah Gorge railroad.

Before we drove away we found this scrawled on the old river bridge. Cocoa immediately wanted to know who “DG is,” especially since she saw what appeared to be my initials. “Honestly,” I told her, I have no idea!”