I don’t know how I first became interested in this area of Canada. I think it was on the advice of a former co-worker, who once lived in Michigan. Regardless, it is well worth the trip! But since I live in Georgia, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Point Pelee is a place that most Canadians know about and talk about with reverence. They immediately gasp and say it is “beautiful and a natural area that is unspoiled.” They are right on both of those points.

I still don’t think I have mentally assimilated all that I saw and experienced while I was in Canada. The pathway to the point tunnels through a dense forest that is filled with all kinds of migrating birds. This even includes wild turkeys!

You emerge from a grove of trees only to end up standing literally at the tip end of Canada.  The guy who delivered us to the point gave only one set of instructions: “Stay out of the water!” He went on to press his point by saying not to get even into ankle deep water. The currents in this area are so strong that many people have been pulled out into the lake where they have drowned. When I mentioned “rip currents,” to him, he said, “Yes.” He instantly saw that I was familiar with that term being from Georgia and after spending so much time on Florida beaches.

I never thought of Lake Erie this way, and I’ll never think of it the same after seeing it from the Canadian side!  A storm was dropping down from northern Canada and the lake turned into a very angry ocean!

Actually this is where the land begins. I walked out onto the point from a tree-lined pathway, which is hidden from view in this photo. This is one of the most remote areas I have ever been. It is way past the remoteness of the forest roads in northeast Georgia that I have traveled so often with friends and Cocoa Joy. Even though it is wild beyond words, people are there—walking along the beach. I just waited for them to disappear from view before taking this photograph.

I had to be quick with this shot. He’s not crystal clear, but he was there and I took advantage of the moment! These guys are gone before you can lift your camera.