Happy Fourth of July! There is no short supply of fireworks in this city! Well, the city where I live. It is sort of funny because this area, an area where I have never lived before, is so patriotic that there are flags in every yard and on every corner. There have been fireworks for the last two night—rain or not—and more are planned for tonight.

First there was dinner on the green at Kennesaw State University with friends and business associates: Tom and Susan Tillery. I helped Tom with his new Website—ttillery.com and this was our celebration. They brought lots of food and plenty of

sparking water while groups around us enjoyed “other” beverages. It was sort of fun to watch as the evening progressed, especially among one group of UT fans!

Once again no one took my photo so I made sure my shadow was captured in this one showing people arriving for the concert with the Georgia Symphony Orchestra.

Then the green filled up and while we were not near the stage, we were in the perfect place for the fireworks!

More of Tom and Susan, who are just the coolest people. We had just come off a very rough week after seeing their Website go up and begin to get traffic.

Distant but I recorded it and took the photo for the memory and then . . .

Lots of beautiful fireworks! I had “texted” Beth asking what do I set the camera on? No answer!! So I just did the hand-held thing at ISO 1600 and f5.6. It worked—over and over again. Despite the rain in Atlanta, I hope everyone has a fun day!